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Health and Safety Management

We have implemented an international standard of rules and code of practices, policies and procedures at the Tuhup mine, taking into account the expectations of stakeholders, including the local communities, and prevailing Indonesian, provincial and local laws as well. Our safety policies include:

  • Place great importance on workplace safety in all operations.
  • Implementation of Indonesian standards for industrial health and safety.
  • Contractors are required to follow guidance and to comply with safety standards.
  • Seek to minimize the risk of accidents, injuries, and illness to our employees and contractors’ employees.
  • Policies designed to create a safe work environment have been formulated and are followed.
  • The authorities audit  the mining operations every 3 months to monitor the implementation of environmental guidelines.

A free clinic with certified doctors is provided at the Muara Tuhup loading port. All employees of AKT and BMS, including contractor personnel, and community members are covered by medical insurance, as well as accidents and fatalities. All new personnel undergo medical screening.