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AKT’s hard coking coal has proven to be an excellent blending coal, adding coking qualities to many semi-soft and semi-hard coking coals for optimum coke oven and blast furnace performance.

Laboratory findings by PT Geoservices in Balikpapan and Australian Laboratory Services (ACIRL) in Ipswich, Australia confirm that AKT’s hard coking coal has excellent coking properties indicated by a consistently high Crucible Swelling Number (CSN) ranking of 8 to 9, a very high vitrinite content of more than 90%, low to medium in-situ ash, low to medium sulphur, a strong Coke Strength after Reaction (CSR), and excellent rank of 1.22% Romax.

These characteristics classify AKT’s coal as a premium quality hard coking coal comparable to high quality coking coal from Australia. In addition, AKT coal’s low moisture and low level phosphorous content, which is well below Australian coking coals, makes it very attractive for use in steel production as a complement to iron ores with high phosphorous content.

Coal Specification
Total moisture Typical Quality Basis
Total Moisture 9.0% ISO-ar
Inheret Moisture 1.8% adb
Volatile Matter 26.5% adb
Ash Content 6.85% adb
Sulphur 0.85% adb
Gross CV 8,300 ISO-adb
Fixed Carbon 64.0% adb
Coal Specification
Total moisture Typical Quality Basis
CRI 26.4%  
HGI >105  
Vitrinite 97.0% (min)
CSR 60  
CSN 9  
MMR 1.22% ddpm
Fluidity 450  

Source: ACIRL report on Pilot Scale Carbonization & Laboratory Testing of Tuhup Marketing Sample dated September 7, 2009
Note:    adb = air-dried basis; ar = as received basis.

     •  AKT’s deposits identified to date are already sizeable by any definition, with specifications confirming hard coking coal
     •  The current resources and reserves were delineated from less than 45% of AKT’s concession area
     •  AKT is one of the few companies with significant hard coking coal deposits in Indonesia
     •  Exploration and drilling continues and will add further to resources and reserves