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Coal Mining Process and Transportation

Mining and processing operations are all conducted internally by AKT, while barging & shiploading, and various ancillary mining services are outsourced.

Overburden Removal
Coal Minning
Load to Barge

Overburden removal

  • Stripping away topsoil and overburden to reach underlying coal
  • Equipment - large excavators, dump trucks, dozers, graders

Coal minning

  • Minning coal and transporting it to the CHPP
  • Equipment – smaller excavators and haul trucks

Coal handling & processing plant (CHPP) (3-6 km from coal minning)

  • Coal is processed via blending of ROM coal from external seams and crushing to arrive at a consistent product
  • Coal quality is tested and monitored by in house and independent quality control personnel
  • Stockpile capacity of 600 kt
  • Equipment – 900 tpt crusher, stacker, wheel loaders, small excavators, dozers

Coal hauling 36 km from the CHPP

  • Coal is transported to owner-operated Muara Tuhup port
  • Hauling trucks – 90 x 20t, 13 x 35t haul trucks, and 40 x 30t

Load to barge

  • Coal is loaded onto barges
  • Stockpile capacity 1,600,000t
  • Equipment – conveyor barge loader (2,400tph capacity), excavators, wheel loaders, dozers

Barging (562 km from Load to barge)

  • Coal is barged down the Barito River to Taboneo, where it is loaded into ocean going vessels
  • Danparan ISP: 350,000t stockpile base, capacity 1,000,000t
  • The coal is transhipped from 220' - 230' (4000t) barges to longer 300' - 330' (8000 - 1000 t) barges at Damparan